PROP-SOLVE is a multi serviced enterprise that has been operating in Real Estate Construction area for eight years. We provide all the services for Real Estate and Construction under one roof. As a full service management and consulting firm we co-ordinate and market different sectors and implement all aspects together in time and quality.
PROP-SOLVE provides over-all support in managing deals and carrying out project consulting in the sphere of Real estate constructions. To simplify things for you, we have grouped our finds and offer all services related to constructions in an organized and consistent manner.
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Exterior Design
While, we all want a home or either a commercial ,be blended with its surroundings and neighbourhood and should stand amongst the rest. We design the exterior of a building or a house in a sense as it is a complicated process combined of materials ,shapes, colour choices and at top most it should be visually appealing, and for that we follow some simple rules of design for a final outcome .We use material which are durable and balance with aesthetics and of course a reflection of your personal style. In case of residence we consider all family needs and decide what is required for them to accommodate their needs.
Interior Design
We as a consultancy consider the art and science of understanding people's behaviour to create functional spaces within the building. We present the best scale of drawings before the clients to develop a conceptual and technical understanding of scale of elevation to set you on the way. We create a good mood and style in establishing a focal point and building a scheme. We explore client's true needs to create a smart home which trends in ecologically sustained design and retrofitting.
We, PROP SOLVE create and distribute relevant and valuable content to attract acquire and engage our target audience with the ultimate objective .We try to attract good clients and raise our profile, improve our potential prospects and establish our firm as an authority in this field. Our construction evolves by different trends of time surrounded by key principles, durability of materials which we are using, increasing of height and span, the control exercised over the interior environment and finally the energy available to the construction process.