We Prop Solve acquire 1-5 acres of land ideal for industrial hubs across all districts of Kerala. Infrastructure needed for industrial hubs such as transformers, treatment plants etc are being developed in the site. The hubs will be developed according to the availability of raw materials in each area. We try to develop small scale industrial units producing different by products using the same raw materials. [ For eg : There are 10 units in an industrial hub and the main raw material used is rubber, then the whole units are converted to small scale units producing different by products using rubber]. Here we provide the required industrial buildings for each unit. A minimum 1000 sqft building will be constructed. Prop Solve aims to provide a 1000 sqft industrial unit with all amenities at Rs- 15000/- per unit for beginners.

Each unit of the industrial hub developed by Prop Solve can be purchased by an investor who aims a monthly rent. Each unit will be a minimum of 10 cent excluding the common area. The plot in which the unit is developed and the building will be registered in the name of the buyer and the investor is safe in their own investments. Investors will also get a good rent for the month in proportion to the investment.

Individual who wish to start a unit should find the necessary machinery for the unit to be started and the investment required for the electrification and raw materials required to install the unit.

Through this project we helps an individual hold a small scale industry a dream come reality with a small investment by taking over a unit in the Prop Solve Industrial hub.