villa plot

There are many types of villas available in Kerala. But getting into villa plots is very rare. Consumers looking for plots to build a home are not able to get five or six cents of land according to their taste in todays real estate market. Although if such plots are available, it’s now common to have many obstacles to develop such kind. We have to go through many aspects to make such plots suitable for a home construction.

As a solution to these obstacles a project called “Villa Plots” is being developed by Prop Solve. Through this project we are planning to find plots within a certain distance in all towns of Kerala and develop them in to small plots in the manner of building villas. The project involves partitioning the land in to small plots and building retaining walls ensuring complete access of water, electricity and other basic amenities. These type of plots are finally passed on to the customers.

Consumers who purchase Prop Solve developed villa plots will not have to face any other difficulties or obstacles in building their homes. Special wings are designed by Prop Solve especially to prepare customers plans, obtain legal approvals and facilitate loan assistance for the required. Prop Solve develop plots that are suitable for the general middle class public.