The “Builder of Choice”
for the Perfect Home


Team Propsolve is highly skilled in the entire process of building and designing, including support for architecture and implementing both interior and exterior components. The core areas of expertise are residential, commercial, retail, and group housing. We have a long track record of consistently providing excellent service to all clients regardless of project size and scope, owing to their ability to adapt and cater to varying needs. Our hands-on management approach and ability to see the micro and macro-level picture place us first among Kerala's top construction businesses.

Our team consists of highly skilled civil engineers, architects, and construction workers and is equipped to handle specialized project demands such as preserving and restoring historical sites, working in occupied areas, respecting environmentally delicate zones, and working during non-peak hours. The exceptional abilities of our team have been the key driving force behind our achievement. The management team at Propsolve possess a wealth of experience in the construction field, coupled with the necessary skills and expertise required to oversee a project from its initial planning stages to its eventual execution.

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