Prop Solve Project Management Solutions Pvt. Ltd which has a 11 years of tradition in building consulting has now launched a new venture named PRO SOLVE BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS PVT. LTD, a Company with a number of innovations, which is about to bring a new lease of life to business entrepreneurs.

PROP SOLVE BUILDERS & DEVELOPERS PVT. LTD Company presents simple and effective projects to investors. Its greatest feature is that it can abolish many confusions that are constantly occurring in the field of building construction.

Through this Company PROP SOLVE aims to breathe life into the dream projects of Investors. From the Feasibility study, Market survey, and finding suitable projects for the plot PROP SOLVE prepares the plan and carries out all technical work until the dream project comes to fruition. All agreements will be made legally as a partnership firm. Here PROP SOLVE stands with the investors and adorns the position of a working partner. 20% Project profit will be held by the company and the rest will be equally distributed among investors in proportion to their shares